Mystery Dog Bandana

Mystery Dog Bandana

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It's a mystery!  Want an awesome bandana but can't decide which one to choose?  Or maybe you just love our bandanas so much that you don't mind which one you get! We would love to hand select a bandana just for you.  Don't worry these mystery bandanas will still be as awesome (or maybe more) as the other bandanas in our shop! 

You choose the size and we'll send it to you! This is a fun way to get something sent to you that is a total surprise! 

The bandana will either include your pet's name or a quote.  Please select which one you'd like! 

Our goal is to create bandanas that are trendy yet functional and can be worn more than once!  That is why we create all of our bandanas to be reversible.  Each beautiful fabric is hand selected and artisan sewn exclusively by Asher and Gray Designs.  

This bandana features beautiful floral fabric that is perfect for spring and is completed with a top stitch. 

This bandana helps rescue animals! $1 of every purchase of this bandana is donated to US animal rescues.

Size Guide:

*We suggest rolling the bandana if you find that it is too high on your pets neck.  

If you are in need of different sizing please let us know!

Care Guide:

For your pets safety, please monitor them while they are wearing any accessory!